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  • Black Gold?

    | April 25, 2015 | Filed under: Opinion

    We’ve known for decades the high costs of digging up and burning oil, coal, and natural gas. Science, and now morality, implore us to find cleaner, more guilt-free energy sources.

  • Wells National Paranormal Research Reserve?

    | October 31, 2014


    On September 26, 2013, the Wells Reserve invited a team of ghosthunters from New Hampshire, the Seeking the Unknown Realm Society, to spend a dark and eerie night poking through the basements, barns, attics and outbuildings of the Wells Reserve.

    Accompanied by [skeptical] Reserve educators Suzanne Kahn, Kate Reichert, and Caretaker Ed, the ghosthunters deployed their electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors, infrared cameras, and flickery flashlights across "old Laudholm Farm."

    What they found surprised and shocked them.

  • What Remains

    | August 16, 2014

    Fabricating 'Reading the Landscape

    The following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 8/17/2014.

    Around the time I was twelve, I went through what my parents called “the Indiana Jones stage.” I wore an officially licensed brown fedora, carried a homemade clothesline “bullwhip,” and definitely expected to be an archaeologist when I grew up. I even talked my way into a field expedition to the Caribbean island of Grenada, though I was two years short of their minimum age requirement. Rules didn’t matter – in search of lost tribes, buried treasure, even whip-cracking adventure, I dreamt only of piercing the jungle’s dark heart. Cue the trumpets!

  • Farmhouse Facelift

    John Speight
    | November 25, 2013

    Worn down after many years, the farmhouse north face gets new siding and a fresh set of steps.

  • Great Barn Acoustics: It's In the Wood Slats

    | August 8, 2013 | Filed under: Culture

    Enthusiastic volunteer and proud mom Eileen Willard had her boy help us understand why music in the Laudholm barn sounds So Darn Good…

  • Behind the beadboard

    | July 26, 2012

    Some rotting wood on the outside of the cow barn needed attention, so John was pulling off the beadboard siding this forenoon. At first, he thought he was seeing things, but soon a clear picture emerged. What appeared behind the boards?

  • Charles Lord Shares Farm Stories

    | July 13, 2012 | Filed under: Program Reports

    The facilities manager and caretaker of the Wells Reserve is also a member of the family that purchased the farm in 1881. Charles Lord is moving to Germany, so I joined his last history program of the season.

  • Mechanized Haying

    | January 27, 2012
    Just added to the historic photo archive is this o…
  • Remembering "Sandy" Brook

    | January 26, 2012

    In this week's York County Coast Star, Shelley Wigglesworth reports on the passing of Alexander Bacon Brook — "Sandy" — who owned and edited the paper from 1957 to 1977. The remembrances collected there reflect Brook's life as a newspaperman, but readers of the era also knew he loved York County's unspoiled environment. Here's a passage from an editorial he wrote in the paper — as Joyce Butler says in her history of Laudholm — "when preserving Laudholm Farm was still a dream"…

  • Of Pumps, Rams, and Giant Icicles

    Wells Reserve Contributor | November 30, 2011

    Uncle Nat called me last night and we had a delightful conversation. I chanced to ask him about a large pump that I noticed in the Sheep Barn while I've been working down there over the last two weeks. It turns out that it was the back-up pump for the hydraulic ram and was located down at the Mill. This pump was used if the rams malfunctioned or broke. The pump is a one-cylinder gas pump that Nat believes was manufactured in Vermont… quite an impressive looking piece of machinery.