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  • Fair or foul?

    | December 20, 2005

    Here's a question:
    Do artificial substrates favor non-indigenous fouling species over natives?

  • The Good, The Bad, and The Thorny

    | November 1, 2001

    [ From Watermark volume 18, number 3 ]

    by Chuck Lubelczyk

    As the saying goes, "There are two sides to every issue."

    That seems to be the case this year with that most noxious of plants, Japanese barberry. Anyone who has walked or brushed by (pardon the pun) the plant knows how vengeful its thorns can be. Its impenetrable thickets dominate many parts of the Reserve, crowding out native vegetation such as arrowwood and high-bush blueberry. One might ask, what good is this shrub? Well, barberry might do some good, after all.