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  • Fun with Whales

    | April 17, 2013
    Children and adults alike learned lots about whales this morning with educator Tony Viehmann during the "Making Friends with Whales & Dolphins" school vacation week offering. On hand were tons of artifacts, too, including whale oil, vertebrae, an ear bone, baleen, teeth, skulls, and more! We listened to whale songs, played whale/squid hide and seek, and explored the lengths of marine mammals outdoors. Below ar…
  • Camp Testimonials

    | March 14, 2013

    Happy campersWhat are people saying about the camp programs at the Wells Reserve? Following is a sampling of testimonials from the parents and grandparents of past campers:

  • In a Scientist's Shoes

    Wells Reserve Contributor | July 22, 2010

    On the trail to knowledgeHere's a few photos from Monday's Just For Kids camp, "In a Scientist's Shoes."