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  • I missed a meeting…

    | November 19, 2016

    Sharing tidal excitement with Reserve Environmental Educator, Linda Littlefield Grenfell

    I missed a meeting.

    Let me explain.

    So, there is this marsh, see. And there are these things called tides. They work together to distract people like me in the most marvelous way. People who grew up around predictable pond water. Don’t get me wrong, I love my memories of growing up on Long Pond just outside of Rangeley, Maine. I can’t imagine a better place to be a kid.

  • Fair Weather King Tide (2014)

    | October 9, 2014

    crab playset by Sue BickfordBright and beautiful at the seashore today. People were out. A few of them even talked to Vivien Leigh, reporting from Wells. We know at least a dozen folks took pics and imagine many more will send to the contest.

    Email your best one or two before October 15 at 11:59 pm to:

    See the winning entries, finalists, and additional images from around the region.

    Several of us scattered across estuaries stretching from Ogunquit to Kennebunk, documenting the sea's level and considering the consequences.

    We'll start sharing our thoughts with a collection of photos from the day. Up top is Sue Bickford's shot of a submerged crab play set. Below will be…

    1. Drakes Island Road by Nik Charov
    2. Mile Road shoreline by Kristin Wilson
    3. Mile Road, Wells by Sue Bickford
    4. Webhannet Drive, Wells by Kristin Wilson
    5. Welcome to Drakes Island by Nik Charov
    6. Little River Estuary by Suzanne Kahn
    7. Barrier Beach Overlook by Annie Cox
    8. Ankle Deep by Sue Bickford
    9. Laudholm Beach walker by Scott Richardson