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  • Public Shoreline Access in Maine

    | September 21, 2016

    Cover image for Public Shoreline Access in MaineThroughout much of my professional life, I have been involved in various issues related to coastal conservation and public access. My activities have included:

    • The Practical — acquisition of lands along the coast that provide direct access for residents and visitors, and that protect wildlife habitat
    • The Educational — organizing forums, lectures, and workshops that explore legal and policy issues relating to coastal ownership, use, and access
    • Writing and Publishing — most recently, co-editing the 3-volume Maine Coastal Public Access Guide

    So it was only natural that the Wells Reserve (and yours truly) would team up with University of Maine Sea Grant and the Maine Coastal Program to revise and publish Public Shoreline Access in Maine: A Citizen’s Guide to Ocean and Coastal Law.

    This concise, full color guide, just released, is a summary and analysis of the laws, policies, and court decisions that have helped define ownership of, and public access to, Maine’s coast.

    Download Public Shoreline Access in Maine: A Citizen's Guide to Ocean and Coastal Law (6 MB)

  • Volunteers Track Long-Term Trends in Beach Erosion

    | January 22, 2015 | Filed under: Program Reports

    Sand beaches are incredibly valuable to Maine. Sea walls and jetties disrupt the natural movement of sand along the coastline, creating areas of erosion that combined with rising sea level and increased frequency and severity of storms have contributed to an overall net loss of sand.

  • A Day at the Beach (Lecture)

    | July 24, 2014

    John Duff provides an overview of legal cases pertaining to Maine beach accessThe weather on July 23 was warm and muggy — a perfect day for a swim at the shore. But rather than head to one of the many lovely sand beaches of York County, some 90 people packed Mather Auditorium to learn about legal issues surrounding ownership, use, and access to the shore.

    Attendees heard lively presentations from two attorneys who have extensive knowledge of the subject. John Duff, a law professor and attorney, led with an informative (and sometimes humorous) analysis and explanation of all of the court cases since Moody that have affected use and ownership of Maine's shoreline.

  • Tour Our Resilient Coast

    Wells Reserve Contributor | July 10, 2013

    Old Orchard Beach Dune RestorationOn Saturday June 29, 2013, stakeholders in Southern Maine participated in a full day field trip hosted by Maine Sea Grant that highlighted techniques being implemented by property owners to become more resilient in the face of climate-related impacts.