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  • The Yester Bunny

    | April 19, 2014

    our NEC of the woodsThe following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 4/20/2014.

    It’s Easter Weekend, so let me introduce you to the Wells Reserve at Laudholm’s favorite, and most vexing, local bunny.

  • Bunny and the Dogwood Wattles

    | March 26, 2013

    New England Cottontail in Cape Elizabeth in 2010. Photo by USFWS.On Monday, a 13-ton machine rolled down the reserve's "F field" to make habitat for a 2-pound rabbit. The "Easter Excavator," a Caterpillar 311, was specially modified for working in sensitive areas such as ours. Despite its burly bearing, the excavator exerted less than 5½ pounds of pressure per square inch on the work site. Evidence of its visit is visible along the Muskie Trail for now, but as the grassland greens up this spring the fresh signs should quickly fade away.

  • Managing habitat for cottontails

    | December 14, 2006
    In an effort to increase habitat for the New England cottontail rabbit, today the Reserve brought in a hydro-ax supplied by the USFWS Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. The machine felled some 10 acres of young alder stands in one day, forcing the areas to an early stage of succession. As …