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  • From the Corner: Winter's End

    David Morse
    | April 14, 2015 | Filed under: Observations

    A tough winter gives way and spring is in the air.

  • The Meaning of Life

    | April 13, 2015

    It has been nearly two months since Linda Littlefield Grenfell, the Reserve's Environmental Educator, presented her Lunch 'n Learn entitled, "What Do I Want to Do Next?" It followed our tremendously successful Volunteer Fair, where community members gathered to learn more about the varied year-round volunteer opportunities available at the Reserve.

    Linda Littlefield Grenfell

    Linda's presentation was centered around retirement, aimed at providing useful tips for retirees. Two months later, I am still reflecting upon the content of her talk.

  • Volunteers Track Long-Term Trends in Beach Erosion

    | January 22, 2015

    Wells Reserve is looking for volunteers to assist with year-round data collection at beaches in Kennebunkport, Kennebunk, Wells, Ogunquit, and York.

    If you are interested in helping out please contact Jacob Aman at or 646-1555 ext 112.

    To learn more, please check out the Southern Maine Beach Profile Monitoring Program web page.

    Ogunquit BeachSand beaches represent only a small portion of Maine’s coastline. Even so, they are incredibly valuable economically as well for recreational opportunities, important wildlife habitat, and mitigating the effects of coastal storms.  Sand beaches are subject to the effects of human engineering and the natural forces of sea level rise and climate change.  Manmade structures such as sea walls and jetties disrupt the natural movement of sand along the beach creating areas of erosion.  These alterations combined with rising sea level and increased frequency and severity of storms have contributed to an overall net loss of sand. These changes are of enough importance that in 2006 the Maine legislature created a beach stakeholders group to develop recommendations for protecting Maine's beaches.

  • Water Quality Monitoring in the Mousam and Kennebunk Rivers

    | November 7, 2014 | Filed under: Observations

    Volunteers measure river conditions at 20 monitoring sites as part of a statewide program.

  • Thanking Heidi

    Wells Reserve Contributor | October 2, 2014
    Heidi Hubbard originally came from Germany but moved to Texas where she was an art and German teacher for many years until her retirement. She has used her retirement years volunteering around the world and was one of our Volunteers for Peace …
  • 27th Annual Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival a Winner for Wells Reserve and the Coast

    | September 18, 2014
    The local paper of record didn't print this letter to the editor these last two weeks, so we'll just publish it ourselves! Thank you again, one and all, for another great Crafts Festival. ----- For 27 years running, dedicated volunteers and the staff of the Wells Reserve and Laudholm Trust, along with hundreds of master artisans, have been proving that there is life here after Labor Day. …
  • Meet the 2013 Summer Interns

    | July 16, 2013

    Our appreciation to the 2013 summer interns who make the "busy season" that much more efficient and effective for everyone around here. In alphabetical order (and with their favorite candy)…

  • Spiffing Up for Summer

    | June 5, 2013

    Laboring on the edge of the gardenWe had a great crew of volunteers for our first Spring Spiff Up on the morning of May 18. Folks from near and far, some old friends and some new to the place, pitched in to dig ditches and dandelions, plant trees and flowers, and paint fences and bathroom walls. After a busy and beautiful few hours, many paused to help us dedicate the ecology center solar panels before venturing off. Some went home or off to lunch or on to chores, while others headed down to the beach or into the woods for a well deserved relax. We appreciate everyone's help and hope the day was as rewarding for you as it was for us.

  • Festive Function for Volunteers

    | December 11, 2012

    We held our annual meeting, volunteer recognition, and holiday party together this year, packing Mather Auditorium with good stories, tasty treats, and merriment on December 5. Here are just a few of the highlights and people who took part…


  • Monarchs Rescued!

    | August 22, 2012

    Last week, a group of sixteen devoted volunteers set to work to rescue the eggs and caterpillars of the Monarch Butterfly. Within the next week or two, many of the fields at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm will be mowed. Annual mowing of select fields is necessary to prevent important field habitat from growing up into forests, and to combat the spread of invasive species. The mowing is done in late summer, after field nesting birds like the Bobolink have finished rearing their young.