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The Climate Games Are Here!

Posted by | August 7, 2013

Welcome to the town of Launton, it’s a lot like Wells.


Ever since Hurricane Paul devastated communities to the south of Launton, the residents have been asking the town manager: can we handle a storm like that? What’s our plan?

Feeling pressured, the town manager convened a Coastal Resiliency Task Force. Their charge: make some recommendations about what the town should do with existing and future development.

Who is on the task force? You are! You’ll be assuming one of the many interests that exist in a town a lot like Wells. From Emergency Management Official to Director of the Chamber of Commerce, you’ve got opinions, and you think the town has a solution. But can you come to consensus with the other members on the team? Can you compromise on issues near and dear to your heart, for the sake of the town?

Well, you’ll just have to find out. Come play the game with us, we’ll be playing it regularly until the end of the year. Contact Annie Cox at for more information.

To learn more background about the game and the New England Climate Adaptation project visit here.

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