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The Outlook from January 8

Posted by | January 8, 2016

It's been well over a week since our few inches of snow fell and we've been through a a number of melt/freeze cycles over that time. Skis and snowshoes won't be much fun; wear sturdy boots and take your time on the uneven and sometimes icy surface.

NWS forecast graphic for January 9-10, 2016Weather is not looking great. Your best bet this weekend is probably Saturday afternoon. Be careful early Saturday, as the roads might be slick. The skies brighten for the start of the work week.

We have no public programs this weekend, and the Visitor Center is closed until April, but next Wednesday at lunch time Sue Bickford will talk about Soundscape Ecology in Mather Auditorium.

Fauna & Flora

Snow Bunting on Mount Agamenticus. By Charles J Homler (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonseBird observers and other visitors have reported snow buntings (up to 30) and great horned owls (2) on the Laudholm campus this week. Check the parking lot edges for buntings and try dawn and dusk for owls (remembering we're open 7am to sunset). Scan the Webhannet Marsh from Drakes Island Road and Harbor Road, and view Wells Harbor, too, for ducks and hawks and maybe a hardy great blue heron or overwintering yellow-rumped warbler.

Red squirrels remain active. They're frequently seen skittering between buildings on hard-packed snow with tails held high. In general, though, this is a quiet time of year for nature at your reserve.

A Bright Outlook?

We're trying something new, a weekly recap and forecast to help you plan your visits. Let us know what you see within our boundaries — or would like to see (in nature or in The Wrack) — and we'll keep 'em coming. Comment below or contact me.

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