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The Scoop on School Vacation Camps

Posted by Wells Reserve Contributor | April 27, 2015

Now that we are heading into May, the schoolyear's biggest vacations are over. But during February and April breaks, campers headed to the Wells Reserve for plenty of outdoor fun and learning, and this year was a blast! Below are a few fun photos from February's Ocean Explorers and Snow Survivors camps and April's Vernal Pool Party and Marshy Mysteries. Check them out and remember: the biggest vacation is right around the corner -- click here for our full schedule of summer camp offerings beginning in June!

Our quinzee building crew during Snow survivors!

Quinzee Crew

The Quinzee Squeeze
Cramming in the Quinzee

The Quinzee Scoop!Quinzee Scooping

No tide pooling on this chilly February Day
No tide pooling today

Deep-sea hydrothermal vents are magic!
Hydrothermal Vent Magic

Uncovering Marshy Mysteries in April
Marsh Exploration

Vernal pool discoveriesVernal Pool Fun

Vernal Pool Party Hats!Pool Party Hats!

More vernal pool scoopsVernal pool hunt

Marshy relaxationMarsh relaxation

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