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The Yankee Woodlot—A Demonstration Forest

Posted by | October 2, 2014
A demonstration cord of wood along the Yankee Woodlot trail

Earlier this week, over thirty people convened for a dedication of the Yankee Woodlot Trail & Demonstration Forest. After tree-themed refreshments and remarks from several Wells Reserve at Laudholm staff, there was a ceremonial watering of a newly planted American Chestnut seedling and a guided hike along the trail.

A timber harvest in fall 2012 removed one-third of the trees in this 36-acre parcel, and a series of concurrent workshops trained small landowners in planning, designing, and carrying out sustainable harvests on their own properties. Four interpretive signs were added early this summer and an educational booklet was released in August. The reimagined woodlot also features a bench crafted from Yankee Woodlot timber, a piled cord of wood, a Picture Post, and electronic links (QR codes) to informational videos. The Yankee Woodlot is back in the spotlight for the long term.

The overarching Yankee Woodlot goal is to demonstrate sustainable management practices that will protect water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, provide high quality timber products, and offer educational opportunities.

Our sincere thanks to the funders and partners who made this project possible:

  • Charles and Rebecca S. Richardson Lifelong Learning Fund
  • Project Canopy (Maine Forest Service and Grow Smart Maine)
  • Laudholm Trust Members and Supporters
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Watering of chestnut

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