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Wing'd XXXIII: 2015 Plovers & Terns

Posted by | September 16, 2015 | Filed under: Observations

Today, Katrina Papanastassiou came over from Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge to give a lunchtime talk about this summer's piping plover and least tern nesting season in Maine. She was bearing good news.

A slide showing that Laudholm Beach had one piping plover nest in 2015 and 4 chicks fledged. Pictured is Katrina Papanastassiou.

A pair of plovers at Laudholm Beach, one of 62 nesting pairs in the state this summer, successfully raised their four young. That contribution helped the state plover population to fledge 111 young plovers this year, the highest total since surveys began in 1981. That was great news to receive on Plover Appreciation Day.

Least Terns attempted to nest on Laudholm Beach, too, but were unsuccessful. It appears a raccoon was patrolling for food and destroyed terns' attempts to raise young. Statewide, though, things were better: Katrina said there were more than 138 nests and at least 145 chicks reached fledging age.

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