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Winged Wednesday, Fledglings edition

Posted by | July 22, 2015

Yesterday, a foggy morning in Southern Maine made for some interesting perspectives.

Pea soup

Today, Wednesday, one merely has to look at our "100% Solar" system's output to see that the sun is shining upon us once again.


Indeed, we had such a productive [photovoltaically speaking] May that we wore out our analog electrical meter. (John replaced it immediately.)


Of course, John's been a little sad this morning. The family of barn swallows that's been nesting in his workshop all spring finally fledged today. The youngins are leaving the nest, literally, though they're not going too far, it seems. It's a little breezy outside, but also, there's no happier, safer, more interesting place than John's workshop.


Or the rock wall outside it.

Rock dove

Or the ramp in front of the Barn. Look, little one, a wasp!


Our first family of turkeys chose to range a little farther afield and learn "what makes a meadow" on the Muskie Trail.

Family walk

Meanwhile, our summer campers are learning to spread their wings too.

Learning to fly

Looks like they're getting about as airborne as John's swallows...


But if only they could fly down to the beach today, they'd encounter a curious sight. Was a certain sculptor-in-residence at work... or at play?

Alien landing

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