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Winter Trekkers Camp Fun!

Posted by | February 21, 2013

Running campersWe had loads of fun with campers this week during school vacation! Both days of Winter Trekkers Camp brought us out on the trails of the Reserve, exploring tracks and scat that wildlife left behind, searching for camouflaged rabbits, looking into tidepools at the beach, and wearing our scientist hats to test the temperature of varied mini-habitats.

Indoors, we created clay wildlife sculptures, practiced the bounding and waddling movements of animals, and went on a winter animal scavenger hunt—decoding clues along the way. My most favorite camper comment, which was expressed outside with lots of enthusiasm: "I love nature!" Music to my ears. Below are snapshots from our fun-filled two days of camp!

  1. How cold is a tidepool in February? About 38 degrees Fahrenheit!
  2. Documenting our data findings at the beach
  3. Looking for seabirds and seals
  4. Who left these tracks behind?
  5. We found the camouflaged bunnies!
  6. Waddling like a porcupine
  7. Hopping like rabbits
  8. Happy camper
  9. Exciting sea star finding

Testing temperaturetidepoolPaige with binocsTrackingBunny huntWaddlingHopping like rabbitshappy camperBlood star

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