Josias River

The Josias River empties into the Gulf of Maine in the town of Ogunquit, at Perkins cove after joining the Ogunquit River.  The main stem of the river is 5.75 miles long and drops 220 feet.


Drainage: 7.4 square miles
Drinking water source for: None
Receives wastewater from: None
Significant water features: Clay Hill Brook, Muddy Brook

Watershed Description

The Josias River Watershed drains in portions of York and Ogunquit, Maine. In addition to the main stem of the river, the watershed also includes numerous small ponds and wetlands, which provide valuable habitat for rare plants and endangered and threatened wildlife. Although the majority of the watershed is undeveloped forestland, with scattered agricultural land and small parcels of private conservation land located throughout, there exists areas of development along Route 1 and near the coast that has the potential to degrade water quality as growth continues.

Local Information

Towns in Watershed



Ogunquit Conservation Commission

Active in water quality monitoring on both the Josias and Ogunquit Rivers in Maine. The Commission consists of nine volunteers that meet monthly. Many of their projects are in alliance with the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, the York County Planning Commission, and other environmental associations.

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