CANCELED — Phenology: Autumn Amble

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 1:00pm – 3:00pm Save to Calendar

Join us on the trail to celebrate, observe and take note of the fall season.



Pre-registration is required by Thursday October 17th @ midnight. 

To register, please call the Visitor's Center at 207-646-1555. 

Ages 12+


  • Members: $5.00
  • Non-Members: $7.00
  • Family: $15.00



Do you notice the changing light? Do you look forward to the taste of an apple picked fresh off the tree? Do you enjoy the crisper air and lack of mosquitoes? Do you notice when the first splashes of color dot the landscape? These are just a few signs of autumn.

Join us on the trail to explore the beauty and secrets of the fall season. We will celebrate, observe, and take note of what we see.  

Flowering, migration, hibernation, reproduction, and leaf color change are life events often signaled by changes in factors like temperature and precipitation. The timing of these life events is important and they are changing as the climate warms.

The study of these life events is called phenology. 

We will take a walk on the trails to observe, enjoy, and — like any good Citizen Scientist — take a little data to note the signs of the fall season. Participants will also gain a few tools to help them observe and record nature in their own backyards. 

Pre-registration required. 207-646-1555

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