Building Risk Communication Skills

Wednesday, October 30, 2019, 8:30am – 5:00pm Save to Calendar

Better understand how people respond to risk and develop communications skills for discussing hazards in your community




Mather Auditorium

This event is handicap accessible

Course Objectives

  • Recognize differing values and identify how and why people perceive and respond to risks the way they do.
  • Apply social science and risk communication principles when responding to difficult questions.
  • Respond to difficult questions with more confidence.
  • Develop a risk communication strategy that incorporates social science and risk communication principles.

Course Instructor

Stephanie Fauver, Meteorologist, NOAA Office for Coastal Management


Getting Started with Your Risk Communication Strategy (Part 1)

  • Participants begin to develop a strategy to meet their risk communication goals.
  • Activity: Risk Communication Strategy Part 1 – Participants identify their biggest challenge, risk communication goal, and target audience

Why People Respond to Risk the Way They Do

  • Participants learn how people perceive risk and why they respond the way they do. 


Activity: Risk Communication Strategy Part 2: Understanding Your Audience

  • Activity: Participants identify what they know and what they need to learn about their target audience. 

Risk Communication Essentials Part 1

  • Participants learn the essentials of good risk communication and see how these essentials can be applied to their communications.

Lunch - Provided

Risk Communication Essential Part 1: Group Activity 

  • Group Activity: Practice applying the risk communication essentials to a real-world scenario

Risk Communication Essentials Part 2

  • Activity: Partner Practice – Apply new skills to a real-life situation.

Communicating about Risk in a Group Setting

  • Participants learn how to apply risk communication tips and techniques in a group setting. 


Risk Communication Strategy Part 3 – Connecting with Your Audience

  • Activity: Risk Communication Strategy Part 3 – Connecting with your audience.

Apply Risk Communication to Your Real-World Situation

  • Participants apply what they have learned and share ideas for engaging with their audience in real-life situations.
  • Activity: Group Discussion – Apply new skills to your real-life situations.

Commitment, Evaluation, and Wrap-up


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