Spring Signs 2020

Thursday, April 30, 2020, 12:00am Save to Calendar

Get your exercise and a dose of nature by accepting our challenge to observe and share. A new challenge every week during April 2020.


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This month calls for something different: #springsigns2020

We will pose a challenge every week through April 2020. Each challenge will draw your attention to the signs of spring. Be creative! Meet the challenges online by sharing your stories and images, tagging your location and using #springsigns2020 so others can appreciate your efforts. Play safely in your yard, a local park, or a public trail. Questions? We're listening.

Week 1: You've Got to Be Kidding Me!

We're all in some disbelief at the state of our world right now, so our (April) first challenge is to find and share deceptionslookalikes, or mix-ups in nature. Does a certain plant or animal confuse you? Did something you see trick your eye? Did you think you heard one thing when in fact it was another? Have you ever misidentified something? You're no fool; that's to be expected when you're paying attention in nature!

Week 2: Divisible by 4

This week be on the lookout for 4- or 8-legged critters or other natural finds that somehow relate to multiples of 4. Be imaginative… count legs, wings, notes, letters, whatever! Post to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or email us. #springsigns2020 #divisibleby4

Week 3: (Not) Tax Day

No need for last-minute filing today, so you have extra time to think about your favorite taxa. A taxon is a scientifically classified group, like red oak, Corvus corax, squirrels, or Crustacea. Think about your local taxa and share them next #taxonomytuesday (4/21). #springsigns2020

Week 4: Earth Day 50

Today is a golden-anniversary opportunity to discover “All that glitters is not gold.” This week’s challenge is to find gold in nature, or to highlight something that shines quietly below a muted surface. #earthdaygold #earthday50

Week 5: May Flowers

April draws to a close, but spring signs continue into May. Because April showers (we had plenty) bring May flowers, go out and find some. Bonus points if you share a flower that is often overlooked (think trees, skunk cabbage, and the tiniest blossoms). #mayflowers #springsigns2020

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