Laudholm Trust Members' Meeting

Wednesday, December 6, 2017, 5:00pm – 6:00pm Save to Calendar

Introductions, presentations, and voting on a by-laws change are slated for our annual meeting of members.


Not Required


  • General Admission: Free


Mather Auditorium

This event is handicap accessible

What to Expect

  • Introductions
  • Financial Report
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • 2017 Summary
  • 2018 Forecast
  • Presentations: Soundscapes and other topics
  • Social Time

Amending the Laudholm Trust Articles of Incorporation

The Laudholm Trust Board of Directors has approved updates to its original 1982 Articles of Incorporation. In summary, the three updates will 1) place the mission statement (adopted in 2007) within the Articles of Incorporation; 2) increase the number of allowable board members from 5 to 20; and 3) revise the meaning of current member to include “anyone making a minimum donation within the past 18 months” rather than 12 months.

Maine law mandates that amendments to Articles of Incorporation be adopted at a public meeting of the membership, after public notice, through a vote of members. A majority is required to amend the Articles.

Recommended Amendments to the Laudholm Trust Articles of Incorporation

Subject19822017 (proposed)
Statement of Purpose
To preserve land forever for conservation of water, wetlands, beaches, farmlands, forests, wildlife, and open space.  To keep these natural resources forever available to the public for education, research and other compatible purposes.Laudholm Trust is dedicated to advancing the coastal research, education, and stewardship programs of the Wells Reserve and to preserving its historic buildings.  The Trust strives to extend its unique legacy by galvanizing community support and inspiring actions that protect Maine’s coastal environments.
Number of DirectorsBetween 3 and 5 directorsNo less than 3, no more than 20 directors
Membership DuesFailure to pay dues within 90 days of the date of request shall cancel the membership.Failure to pay dues within 180 days of the date of request shall cancel the membership.

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