Meet the Scientist: Wells Salt Marshes Over Time

Tuesday, July 26, 2022, 1:00pm – 2:00pm Save to Calendar

Meet Research Associate Laura Crane and learn about her long-term monitoring of the Webhannet salt marsh!



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  • Cost: Free


Teaching Lab

This event is handicap accessible

Many of us are already familiar with the impacts flooding has on our local communities, from impassable streets to damage to homes and businesses. While the thought of a flood might incite fear and anxiety in us humans, flooding is part of daily life for our local salt marsh ecosystems. Luckily, salt marshes have adaptations that allow them to thrive and even grow under just the right amount of flooding. Under the right conditions, a salt marsh has the chance to grow (increase its elevation) fast enough to keep pace with sea level rise, protecting it from drowning. Too much flooding, however, can have negative impacts on marshes—a trend that is exacerbated by rising sea levels. The question is: Can Wells salt marshes keep up?  

Salt marshes are a critical ecosystem that provide valuable services to our environment and our coastal communities, so Wells Reserve researchers are dedicated to understanding the impacts of climate change and sea level rise on our local salt marshes. Meet Wells Reserve Research Associate, Laura Crane, to learn about the long-term monitoring that has been occurring on the Webhannet salt marsh since 2005, and how that work has recently been evolving and expanding. Laura will introduce participants to the methods she uses to detect changes in plant communities, marsh elevation, groundwater, and more. Weather permitting, Laura may also demo some of these methods outside.

Please Note: This program is free with site admission.

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