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CoastWise Approach


CoastWise provides a voluntary set of best practices, decision-making tools, and path for designing safe, cost-effective, ecologically supportive, and climate-resilient tidal crossings.

Read the CoastWise Principles


Phase 1: Develop tools, decision-making methods, and guidance materials

Phase 2: Create and implement outreach and training for the CoastWise Approach


Target deliverables:

  • Maine Tidal Restriction Atlas
  • Road crossing project checklist for municipalities and their agents
  • Road crossing project checklist for restoration practitioners
  • Decision-making tools to meet economic, ecological, and safety objectives
  • List of vulnerable species and associated mapping resources
  • Catalog of tidal road crossing types and applications
  • Technical design guidance document for improvement of tidal hydrology at road crossings
  • Outreach and training for communities and technical users


Thirty-plus entities are involved with crafting the CoastWise Approach. The effort is coordinated by the Maine Coastal Program within the Department of Marine Resources. For information, contact Kathleen Leyden.

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