CoastWise Approach


CoastWise is meant to steadily reverse centuries of impacts to salt marshes and other tidal habitats by designing safe, low-maintenance crossings scaled to accommodate sea level rise and restore natural tidal flow.


Phase 1 (fall 2019 to spring 2020): Develop tools, decision-making methods, and guidance materials

Phase 2: Create and implement outreach and training for the CoastWise Approach


These are the target deliverables:

  • Maine Tidal Restriction Atlas
  • Road crossing project checklist for municipalities and their agents
  • Road crossing project checklist for restoration practitioners
  • Decision-making tools to meet economic, ecological, and safety objectives
  • List of vulnerable species and associated mapping resources
  • Catalog of tidal road crossing types and applications
  • Technical design guidance document for improvement of tidal hydrology at road crossings
  • Outreach and training for communities and technical users


Thirty entities are involved with crafting the CoastWise Approach. The effort is coordinated by the Maine Coastal Program within the Department of Marine Resources. For information, contact Ellen Bartow-Gillies.

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