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Connecting the Dots: Environmental Drivers of Egg Production and Stability in Ovigerous American Lobsters in the Gulf of Maine


Evaluate the overall health and quality of ovigerous American lobsters with respect to egg production, and examine how environmental drivers of climate change in the Gulf of Maine may be impacting this key life history phase. The research will address:

  1. Why ovigerous lobster egg clutch sizes have declined and to what extent this limits egg production
  2. What factors have contributed the most to declines in egg production
  3. What impact temperature, maternal history, and size have on egg production and viability

Principal Investigator

Dr. Jason S. Goldstein


The data obtained from this project will be used to inform future stock assessments and lay the groundwork for a long-term monitoring program that includes the linkages between ovigerous lobster health and climate change. The project will result in:

  • data sharing
  • presentations
  • artistic visualization
  • student learning and experience


Sea Grant American Lobster Initiative: $134,489

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