Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship

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Margaret A. Davidson, who was a visionary in the coastal management world, someone who saw the future with clarity and knew how to push for innovation.

Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowships offer students a chance to work with a selected National Estuarine Research Reserve for 2 years. A single fellowship is available at each of the reserve sites.

Each fellow will address a key question to help scientists and communities understand coastal challenges relating to future policy and management issues.

Students will receive an annual stipend for research and travel, while each reserve will receive an annual equipment and supply budget to support their fellow.

About Margaret

Margaret A. Davidson served in many leadership roles at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). She was the founding director of the Coastal Services Center, acting director of the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, and acting assistant administrator for the National Ocean Service. She focused her professional work on environmentally sustainable coastal development practices, the reduction of risk associated with extreme events, and climate adaptation. NOAA is building upon her boundary-stretching legacy by training future coastal leaders through this fellowship program.

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