Waterline for Drakes Island


The 80-year-old, 10-inch waterline servicing Drakes Island will be replaced by a 16-inch waterline installed under the old farm lane known as the Barrier Beach Trail.

Project Period

Winter 2020–2021


The Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District is teaming up with the Wells Reserve to bring a new waterline to Drakes Island. If all goes according to plan, this new, vital waterline will be fully operational before spring arrives in March 2021. The installation of the line will cause disruption to our Barrier Beach Trail for several months next winter.

The waterline will replace an 80-year-old, 10-inch diameter waterline that currently travels under the Wells Reserve’s fields and the Webhannet River Marsh to Drakes Island. This 4,200-foot waterline is ageing, undersized, prone to leaks, and difficult to service. Once the new waterline is operational, this line will be retired and abandoned in place. The easement that the water district holds on the line will be relinquished.

The new 3,900-foot, 16-inch waterline will be installed under the old farm lane referenced on our trail maps as the Barrier Beach Trail. During construction this trail will be closed and visitors will be directed toward other trails. As part of this project, a public fire hydrant will be installed at the crest of the hill on the Laudholm campus, bringing emergency water closer to our historic buildings.

Once the work is completed, the Barrier Beach Trail will be graded and adjacent areas reseeded so the path/road will be brought to a condition similar to its pre-construction state.


Map of proposed water main location


Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells Water District

Wells Reserve

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