Reporting on our work, for the record

Site Profile

Michele Dionne
Cayce Dalton
Hannah Wilhelm

The Site Profile of the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, released in 2007, describes aspects of the physical characteristics of the Wells Reserve protected area.

Decreasing Vulnerability for our Beach-Based Businesses

Helping beach-based businesses prepare for storm surge and coastal flooding.

The Saco Watershed Collaborative: Safeguarding the Future of the Saco River

Source water protection is a priority of the Saco Watershed Collaborative. The Collaborative is a dedicated group of professionals, community members, and scientists working to protect the irreplaceable water resources and benefits that come from the Saco Watershed. The Saco River provides drinking water for approximately 250,000 residents across southern Maine. Forests, shoreland buffers, wetlands, aquifers, small streams, lakes and ponds, and rivers are all part of a system that collects, f…

Salmon Falls River Watershed Collaborative

Improving watershed planning and management — and protecting water supplies — in the Salmon Falls River watershed.

Developing a sensor-based platform for evaluating climate change in estuarine and coastal ecosystems

Creating inexpensive sensor systems to detect changes in coastal ecosystems and the behavior of marine organisms.

Laudholm Loppet

Tom Karb

Embrace the spirit. Be active outside. Enjoy winter at the Wells Reserve. Log the distance you travel on the trails.

Watershed Stewardship in Action: Deaf Students on the Estuary

Bringing estuary and watershed education to teachers and deaf students in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Using DNA Methods to Monitor Invasive Species and Biodiversity in Estuarine Systems

Monitoring fish in streams and rivers using DNA collected in water samples, rather than more intensive traditional techniques, may allow a better understanding of species distribution and abundance while lowering survey costs.

Restoring Cape Neddick River Watershed

The Cape Neddick River is a southern Maine treasure. But what's up with the high bacteria counts? 

Teacher's Sentinel Site Lesson Plan

A teacher's curriculum with four estuary-themed activities.