Reporting on our work, for the record

Developing a sensor-based platform for evaluating climate change in estuarine and coastal ecosystems

Creating inexpensive sensor systems to detect changes in coastal ecosystems and the behavior of marine organisms.

Laudholm Loppet

Tom Karb

Embrace the spirit. Be active outside. Enjoy winter at the Wells Reserve. Log the distance you travel on the trails.

Watershed Stewardship in Action: Deaf Students on the Estuary

Bringing estuary and watershed education to teachers and deaf students in Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

Using DNA Methods to Monitor Invasive Species and Biodiversity in Estuarine Systems

Monitoring fish in streams and rivers using DNA collected in water samples, rather than more intensive traditional techniques, may allow a better understanding of species distribution and abundance while lowering survey costs.

Restoring Cape Neddick River Watershed

The Cape Neddick River is a southern Maine treasure. But what's up with the high bacteria counts? 

Teacher's Sentinel Site Lesson Plan

A teacher's curriculum with four estuary-themed activities.

The Projects Project

Go deep. Get the facts about our projects and pointers for more.

Art & Nature for Veterans

A creative wellness in nature program for military veterans and active-duty service members and their families

New England Climate Adaptation Project

Helping coastal communities understand and prepare for the potential impacts of climate change.

Tracking Songbirds Over the Gulf of Maine

Understanding patterns of migratory land bird movement in coastal and offshore regions of the northeast.