Summer of Art & Science

POWER OF PLACE sculpture exhibition and sale, plus talks, concerts, and special events

Anchored by a sculpture exhibition and sale featuring 65 works by 36 artists, our Summer of Art & Science also features talks, concerts, and the 30th annual Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival. In 2017, we look at the world through the complementary lenses of science and art, and invite you to do the same.

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Dozens of sculptures are placed across the Laudholm campus and a short loop trail. When you arrive, pick up a map of sculptures and a key to the artists who created them. Pictured here: Crest (Tidal Series) 1/10 by Mark Pettegrow.


Sculpture invites us to more fully engage with our environment. It helps focus our attention on nature’s materials and forms. As we interact with sculpture, our senses are heightened and we become more acutely aware of the intricate beauty of place.

June LaCombe, curator of POWER OF PLACE

Sixty-five sculptures by 36 artists are displayed across the Laudholm campus and along one of our most popular trails. The show stands through mid October.

View an online catalog of sculptures in this exhibition at

Update, August 29: We are dismayed by the apparent theft of three art pieces and have brought certain items into the Visitor Center for safe keeping. We are sorry to remove these artworks from their intended settings, but they can still be viewed during Visitor Center hours, 10am to 4pm, through mid October.

Participating Sculptors

  • Dave Allen
  • Anne Alexander
  • Lise Bécu
  • John Bowdren
  • Ray Carbone
  • Kate Cheney Chappell
  • Miles Chapin
  • Dan Dowd
  • Peter Dransfield
  • Paul Heroux
  • Mark Herrington
  • Andreas von Huene
  • Eugene Koch
  • Wendy Klemperer
  • Cabot Lyford
  • Pamela Moulton
  • Jean Noon
  • Jac Ouelette
  • Roy Patterson
  • Meg Brown Payson
  • Mark Pettegrow
  • Patrick Plourde
  • Stephen Porter
  • Antje Roitzsch
  • Constance Rush
  • Cat Schwenk
  • George Sherwood
  • Gary Haven Smith
  • Jordan Smith
  • Cynthia Stroud
  • Sharon Townshend
  • Digby Veevers-Carter
  • Dan West
  • Melita Westerlund
  • John Wilkinson
  • Joyce Audy Zarins

Summer of Art & Science — Events


Elegant Deer, a sculpture by Wendy Klemperer. Photo: Jerry Monkman

A gallery of images from, and inspired by, POWER OF PLACE are collected on Flickr.

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