Make a Gift to Celebrate

Mark the moment with a donation to Laudholm Trust.

What to celebrate?

A memorial service at a deeply loved place among family and friends. A graduation from high school, college, 8th grade, or kindergarten. A marriage. A milestone. A new job, promotion, or client. Retirement. Closing on a new home or embarking on a fresh adventure. A hard-earned victory. The little things in life.

Whatever the occasion, mark the moment with a gift to Laudholm Trust. Your donation will honor a friend, family member, acquaintance, or perfect stranger while helping to keep the Wells Reserve beautiful and productive.


Tell us how you would like your gift to be recognized. For example,

“In celebration of David and Sharon on their marriage.”

Also, please provide a mailing address for anyone you would like us to notify about your gift.

What is Laudholm Trust?

Discover the unique partnership that ties Laudholm members to a national network of research reserves.

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