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The Punkinfiddle family festival, for many years also a National Estuaries Day celebration, made folks happy.

With Punkinfiddle, our aim was to foster stewardship of coastal environments by celebrating the richness of estuaries, Maine's cultural traditions, and our beautiful historic site.

All Good Things

From 2003 to 2019, we hosted 17 straight Punkinfiddle festivals. Then we needed a break.

We revived Punkinfiddle in post-pandemic 2022. It was a fun day, as always, but the event had lost its momentum. We have decided it's time to let Punkinfiddle go.

We are deeply grateful to the volunteers who devoted so many days (weeks or months for some) to planning and putting on this event over nearly two decades. We appreciate the exhibitors, demonstrators, and animal handlers who shared their love of Maine traditions with thousands of visitors. We thank all the pumpkin carvers, scarecrow stuffers, rope tuggers, music makers, food vendors, faithful sponsors, and community promoters who made the event so fulfilling. Last, but not least, thanks to every child, child-at-heart, parent, grandparent, and cheerleader who attended this family festival and community gathering.