Punkinfiddle Family Festival

Punkinfiddle is a happy day.

With Punkinfiddle, our aim is to foster stewardship of coastal environments by celebrating the richness of estuaries, Maine's cultural traditions, and our beautiful historic site.

Taking a Break

After 17 straight Punkinfiddle festivals, 2020 will break the streak. Several factors went into the decision to cancel this year's event. It wasn't easy to pull the plug.

Certainly, attendance has not been an issue. We had a good crowd in 2019 and can always count on everyone to help make it a fun day.

We appreciate all the people who attended, volunteered, exhibited, performed, and sponsored the event since 2003. You made it great.

We're already planning to bring Punkinfiddle back, possibly as early as 2021. If you dearly wish to revive the festivities, please reach out to us. Strong community support gave Punkinfiddle its start and is the surest way to carry on the tradition.

Thinking Ahead

Punkinfiddle 2021? You can help revive this family festival. Great volunteers gave Punkinfiddle its start and are the surest way to carry on the tradition.

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