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Scott Richardson

Communications Director

Period of Service

2000 to present


207-646-4521 ext 114

Scott Richardson is writer, editor, and photographer for Laudholm Trust and the Wells Reserve. He handles print publications, oversees the website and social media venues, communicates with media representatives, serves as accidental techie, and is responsible for the archives.

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Scott, a charter member of Laudholm Trust, started work here in May 2000. Prior to joining the staff, he was an endangered species biologist with the State of Washington and a student at The Evergreen State College (B.S. 1992). He has been involved with a number of bird studies in Washington, Alaska, Hawai`i, and Maine.

Scott enjoys time in the kitchen, avidly listens to diverse music, and is a long-time radio ham. He lives in Berwick with his wife and daughter.

You're leaving? Why?

Yes. All good things….

Who should be the mascot of the Wells Reserve?

Mummichog, because we talk about them all the time.

What is your favorite place at the Wells Reserve?

The mouth of the Little River on an ebbing tide.

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