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Summer Camps 2021

Posted by | January 29, 2021 | Filed under: News

Update (4/7/21): All of our summer camps, except Insect Safari on 7/19 (with one space available), are currently full. If you'd like to be added to any of the waiting lists, please email

Amanda Bailiff is returning in June for her sixth year as Camp Coordinator! Amanda came to us initially in 2016 after seven years at the Binder Park Zoo in Michigan, working as Education Curator, Education Supervisor, and Zoo Educator. Amanda’s degree is in zoology from Michigan State University. She currently works with special needs students in Michigan during the school year. Amanda is thrilled to be returning to the Reserve for the summer months, and looks forward to making outdoor discoveries with repeat and first-time campers alike come June!

Summer 2021 Camps

Ages 6 to 9

  1. Freshwater Fun (June 28)--FULL
  2. Fishy Friends (June 29)--FULL
  3. Crazy About Crabs & Clams (June 30)--FULL
  4. Tidepool Trekkers (July 1)--FULL
  5. Wild About Water (July 2)--FULL
  6. Wilderness Survivor (July 6)--FULL
  7. Misunderstood Creatures (July 7)--FULL
  8. Fantastic Flyers (July 8)--FULL
  9. Wildlife Detectives (July 9)--FULL
  10. Insect Safari (July 19)
  11. Feathered Friends (July 20)--FULL
  12. Turtles, Toads, & Snakes, Oh My! (July 21)--FULL
  13. Furry Friends (July 22)--FULL
  14. Creature Feature (July 23)--FULL
  15. Secrets of the Salt Marsh (August 16)--FULL
  16. Wild About Nature (August 18)--FULL

Ages 9 to 12

  1. River to the Sea (July 12-16)--FULL
  2. Planet Protectors (August 9-13)--FULL

Ages 12 to 15

  1. Eco Nuts (August 2-6)--Cancelled

Ready to register?


Call Suzanne at (207) 646-1555 ext. 116 or email  

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