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The Wrack

The Wrack is the Wells Reserve blog, our collective logbook on the web.

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  • Laudholm Trust Supports the Black Lives Matter Movement

    | June 19, 2020 | Filed under: Culture

    Some issues are black and white, and we need to acknowledge and work on them

  • The Voice of Reason

    | August 18, 2017 | Filed under: Opinion

    Nowadays, what IS the best way to be inconvenient?

  • Join the Chorus #2: The Clause Comes Out

    | March 24, 2017 | Filed under: Opinion

    Here are two petitions to sign, one to express your support of the Wells Reserve and another to extend that support to the National Estuarine Research Reserve System.

  • Only Turkeys Don't Vote

    | November 22, 2014

    Can't we all just get along?

    The following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 11/23/2014.

    The most important thing I can say about this year’s midterm election is simply: thank you for voting.

    Maine had the highest voter turnout in the entire 50 states, with 59.3% of us going to the polls, well above the national average of 36%. If it was the “gu-bear-natorial” nature of our election, so be it: each vote tallied was an expression of individual preference. Some races were decided by single digits; others, by lopsided majorities. In each race, and on each ballot question, we now know what a majority of our fellow Mainers decisively think. That’s valuable information and worth thinking about.

  • Liars and Flyers and Bears, Oh My

    | November 2, 2014


    The following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 11/2/2014.

    From reports, it sounds like this year’s midterm election is a doozy, money-wise: across the country, campaigns are spending record sums marketing their candidates and causes.  So I read, anyway: I do not watch broadcast TV, I have an ad blocker on my computer, and I only listen to satellite radio and MPBN. Voluntarily [and gratefully] deaf to the din from most of the marketing wars, I rarely hear about the latest advances in breakfast cereal, let alone the biannual election season onslaught.

    About the only political advertising I do see are ads in newspapers (bless you, candidates, for feeding our starving print publishers), and outdoor campaign signs.

  • 2014 Blue Carbon Workshop

    Wells Reserve Contributor | September 1, 2014

    Create a U.S./Canada working group, identify research gaps, and establish a regional approach to blue carbon science and policy.

  • Another Step Forward for National Ocean Policy

    | January 13, 2012

    The White House has released a draft implementation plan for National Ocean Policy, demonstrating ongoing progress on a massive task. The draft implementation plan is guided by four themes:

    1. Adopt ecosystem-based management
    2. Obtain, use, and share the best science and data
    3. Promote efficiency and collaboration
    4. Strengthen regional efforts

    The plan lays out a series of more than 50 actions — with accompanying outcomes and milestones — guided by these National Priority Objectives: