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The Wrack

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Staying In and Getting Out

Posted by | March 31, 2020 | Filed under: Culture

How do you get outside if you cannot leave your home? You have a yard, even if it is very small. You have plants, even if they are not showing yet. Hopefully, you have at least one tree. 

Find a spot and sit. That’s it; sit. No device, no book, no journal; just sit. Look around. Don’t try to identify what you see, just observe. Notice the color, the shapes, the depth. Or not; maybe you notice the temperature, the air, or the birds. Just relax. Notice. Observe.

A bench and footbridge over a stream in a mixed forest during early spring.

My sit-spot is along a trail in a forest not far from the Wells Reserve.

It’s called a sit-spot. Using one is a basic practice for connecting with the real world, which is yourself and the world around you. 

Find a spot that is easily accessible. Mine is a two-minute walk from my back door. Try to go daily. Here’s a hint: If you go at the same time each day, the birds and critters will get used to you and you can connect even more. But if not, go when you can. 

Sit for a few minutes. Ten is good. If you’re like me, the first few minutes are so boring. My mind churns with thoughts like "What am I doing? This is boring. It all looks the same. It’s so quiet." Then, my thoughts shift. "Oh, it is quiet. What is that sound?" 

And off I go. Observing, noticing, learning, and connecting. 

Maybe you find it hard to get outdoors. In that case, pull up a chair by a window and observe. If possible, open the window to smell, hear, experience the air.

Yes, I take my thermos of coffee. There are times I only stay a few minutes, other times when I allow myself to get mesmerized and stay for much longer. 

If possible, do this daily. If not, do it when you can. Over time you may want to identify and name birds, plants, trees. Knowing names of the non-human is a way of befriending.

Spring is a good time to enjoy a sit-spot. Birds are returning, things are greening up. Stay home, and get outside. Sit-spot is a wonderful way to do both. Let me know how it goes for you.

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