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Volunteer Party 2016

Posted by | July 28, 2016

Crowd shot at 2016 volunteer party. Photo by Lucie LaChance.

On July 7, we hosted our annual Volunteer Reception. Normally an August event, we celebrated early this year to honor Nancy Viehmann, who just retired after 16+ years as our volunteer and visitor services coordinator. It was also a good opportunity to introduce her successor, Lynne Benoit-Vachon, to many of our most faithful volunteers.

What a pleasant evening! It's not often that crafts festival volunteers, trail rangers, education docents, receptionists, landscapers, beach monitors, trustees, RMA members, and the staff get to mingle. Everyone looked happy to be visiting.

Capturing personalities at the event was Lucie Lachance, who kindly shared her collection of images. We've selected a few to share. Thanks, Lucie, and to everyone who came out for the social.

Gathering at picnic table. Photo by Lucie LaChance.Nik greets Nancy's granddaughter and she and Tonyia look on. Photo by Lucie LaChance.Suzanne, Linda, Leila, and ... Photo by Lucie LaChance.Jason, Sue, and Annie. Photo by Lucie LaChance.Ric and Frank. Photo by Lucie LaChance.Nancy receives her Viehmann's Way trail sign. Photo by Lucie LaChance.

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