Cape Neddick

The main stem of the Cape Neddick River is approximately four miles long and descends 154 feet of elevation from its headwaters on the forested slopes of Mt. Agamenticus to its mouth at Cape Neddick Harbor.


Drainage: 10.3 square miles
Drinking water source for: York
Receives wastewater from: York
Significant water features: Chases Pond, Cape Neddick River

Watershed Description

The Cape Neddick River Watershed includes Chases Pond, the Cape Neddick River, and many small wetlands, ponds, and tributaries of the river. A dam floods the upper portion of the river, forming Chases Pond. The watershed includes several large forest blocks and a few small agricultural areas, which allows for several areas of high value habitat for rare and endangered species, as well as tidal wading birds and waterfowl. The majority of development is concentrated along the coastline and is mostly characterized by residences, as well as a few commercial locations.

However, loss of riparian buffers and increasing development could be contributing to poor water quality throughout the region, which has impacted shellfish harvesting and recreational activities in the lower and tidal portions of the watershed. The problems appear unrelated to the treatment plant outfall.


Local Information

Conservation Organization

Towns in Watershed


Mount Agamenticus Conservation Region

The town of York's Parks and Recreation office, in collaboration with partners, volunteers, and donors, aims to preserve and maintain the natural resources, recreational resources, and water quality within the region.

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