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The Wrack

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Going native in your garden

Posted by | March 8, 2008

Laudholm Native Plant Sale pre-orders are now being accepted. Plan ahead and get your order in by May 2 (it's pre-order only again this year). We've added an online form to make it easy.

Volunteers Pat Smith and Lynn Jourdan, who coordinate the sale, have put together a great list of 40 species native to Maine. Whether you have already started incorporating native plants into your landscape, here are Pat's…

Top Ten Reasons to Garden with Maine Native Plants

  • There is a native plant for every growing condition in Maine.
  • Maine natives originated here or arrived here hundreds of years ago without human intervention. They are survivors.
  • Native plants provide food and shelter for indigenous animals.
  • By definition, native plants are not invasive.
  • Native plants thrive in Maine's acid soil.
  • Maine natives have a natural resistance to pests and disease.
  • Growing zones are not an issue. Maine natives are hardy.
  • Native plants require less maintenance, easing the gardener's chores.
  • Native plants make the gardener look good.
  • Native plants keep Maine looking like Maine; they preserve our historic landscape.


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