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Key moments 1641 to 1986: Boade Farm to Wells Reserve

Posted by | June 10, 2010

Once English colonists settled this land, it was home to only four families: Boade, Symonds, Clark, and Lord. Here is an abbreviated list of key historical events leading up to the dedication of the Wells Reserve…

1641    Henry Boade family moves to the site.

1653    King’s Highway is established past Boade’s house to the mouth of the Little River.

1655    Boade sells the property to the Symonds brothers. William Symonds becomes sole owner by the end of 1657.

1677    King Philip’s War. Symonds family flees to nearby garrison. Indians burn the farmhouse to the ground.

1717    Nathaniel Clark family builds a new farmhouse and occupies the farm for several generations.

1881    George C. Lord, president of Boston & Maine Railroad, purchases the farm.

1888    Lord builds the "Elms" Railroad Station (currently a book store on U.S. Route 1).

1892    George’s son, Robert, purchases purebred Guernseys and establishes the farm’s herd.

1893    George C. Lord dies; Robert assumes proprietorship of the farm.

1902    Horse and cow barns destroyed by fire. Rebuilt by 1904.

1908    Robert Lord dies; brother Charles replaces him and adds poultry to the farm.

1914    George C. Lord II, son of Charles, begins managing farm.

1929    "Laudholm Manor Farms & Cottages" begins taking in summer boarders.

1952    Guernsey herd is auctioned off.

1953    Laudholm Farm hosts the Wells 300th Birthday celebration.

1968    George C. Lord II sells 199 acres to the State of Maine for a state park.

1977    George C. Lord II dies.

1978    Effort to save the farm begins.

1982    Laudholm Farm Trust is established.

1986    Wells Reserve is dedicated.

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