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Visitor Testimonials: Crafts Festival 2018

Posted by | March 13, 2019 | Filed under: Culture

What did visitors think of the 2018 Laudholm Nature Crafts Festival? Here, let's let them put it in their own words…

Testimonial: "First time here and I loved it"

Testimonial: "Been coming for 20 years! Love it!"

Testimonial: "I love meeting my mom here..."

Testimonial: "Some of our favorite items have come from this fair"

Testimonial: "a real favorite of mine"

Testimonial: "We still have items in our house from this fair that people always covet."

Testimonial: "Love it"

Testimonial: "Family and friends ooh and ahh over the artists."

Testimonial: "Love the peace, beauty, serenity"

Testimonial: "This is a fabulous festival"

Testimonial: "a yearly tradition"

Testimonial: "Just spectacular displays of amazing work"

Testimonial: "I was introduced to Laudholm by my best friend"

Testimonial: "Saw an artist I read about in Down East"

Testimonial: "We make a point to come every year"

Testimonial: "The couple at the volunteer desk were lovely and helpful"

Testimonial: "Totally blown away"

Testimonial: "Best fair around"

Testimonial: "I have seen crafts I have never seen at any other show"

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